J.HILL’s Standard

Our pieces marry contemporary design and traditional craftsmanship, celebrating the progressive, the time-honoured and the handmade.

A counter-movement to the mass production of things, we take care to work with exceptional designers to create beautiful, useful and long-lived objects that will be part of your own and your family’s rituals for generations to come.  

We are working to deepen our making practice here in Ireland though the exploration of new forms and new making techniques.  Our approach is one of constant curiosity and a willingness to explore new methods and materials.


Collaboration is the lifeblood of makers everywhere and working with other studios that are concentrated repositories of rare skill, is not just a great pleasure but a constant source of awe at their resilience and resourcefulness.

Introducing John Hill

Our brand takes the name of a pioneer in crystal production – John Hill.

Hill came to Ireland in 1783, bringing with him a deep knowledge of glass chemistry and a creative talent that would continue to influence the production of lead crystal for generations.

John left dramatically in 1786 after only three years in Ireland. Before he left he passed on his ‘Standard’, a unique formula for compounding glass. Hill’s influence continued to be felt long after he had parted.

Our brand is inspired by the story of this maverick and ingenious individual.

The Mark

The asterisk | and the obelisk | are used in literature to indicate footnotes — a critical point to bring to the reader’s attention.

When placed beside a date, the asterisk and obelisk marks indicate a year of birth and year of death respectively. In our case, the beginning and end of John Hill’s potent three-year tenure in Ireland.