Our bespoke pieces allow us to experiment further with both the process and the material. We experiment with complex cuts and forms to match material or design motifs.We can work with you on blown and kiln cast glass solutions and will help you decide on the best approach. We research tirelessly and work with the best international design and artistic talents to bring you innovative and unique solutions.


We assisted Joseph Walsh with the production of glass for his Lilium series. The Lilium series explores the tension between the ordered and the chaotic, the geometric and the lyrical: from the perfect, controlled symmetry of the bulb to the effusion of its freed form.

The Choosen

We are happy to work with makers of fine whiskey on bespoke decanters and glasses. The heft of the crystal is uniquely adept at communicating the value and rarity of handcrafted whiskies. The Chosen was a very special release from whiskey bonder and innovator JJ Corry, led by intrepid female founder, Louise MaGuane.


Together with a mobile installation, the “SECANT” project includes a wall, floor and table light and was presented at Palazzo Litta and Spazio Rossana Orlandi during Salone del Mobile in Milan 2016.The Secant project is about visual and semiotic contrast; the glass disc communicates something pure, fragile and elevated in value, whilst the machined aluminum parts and the pulley communicate the industrial Daniel Rybakken.

Cane Cut

Originally discovered buried with the pharaohs in Egypt, and more recently an American craftsman tradition dating from the early 19 th century, rattan is an ancient craft reinterpreted here as complex interweaving cuts.