Scholten & Baijings

A satisfying collection of graphic markings defines the Elements series of crystal. Cuts and textures of varying depth and intensity create a landscape of layered pattern.

These marks draw their energy from this place: sea bound and subject to regular mist. This ghostly fog blows inland from the cliffs and clings to the branches of the hardy blackthorn - its black boughs and sudden burst of creamy white blossom in April are stark and unforgettable.

Scholten + Baijings cuts reflect these natural elements, creating misty panels using sandblasting techniques and angular cuts that echo the distinctive blackthorn.

Known most for their use of colour and material – both are key to the designer’s work, here they focus instead on texture and layering. Each glass is different, allowing the user to create collections that are matching or mixed, restrained or exuberant. The glass sizes suit a multitude of uses be it whiskey, wine, champagne, water or long drinks. A tall, glass-stoppered decanter completes the series.

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